Need to rebuild megasync after recent testing update

No big issue just an FYI in case it affects anyone else. Update broke megasync (couldn’t login) rebuilding megasync and then closing and reopen fixed it

You should have read the first post:

No it did not.

Custom packages is likely to be rebuilt after a system sync and that is textbook knowledge.

Like I said it was just a FYI for anyone else that’s all, you know how quickly the thread can get clogged up

@linux-aarhus I apologise for my poor use of words then. I was not blaming the update and know full well the drill with updates and the aur. I was simply posting a FYI as we both know how these things go when an aur package stops working after an update. Next time an aur package stops working I won’t bother posting and leave the thread to get clogged up