Need help installing Mesa Git for Cyberpunk 2077

Update: @philm has tested and uploaded mesa-git to the official repos (No need to use AUR now). If you get that, installation seems to go fine and Cyberpunk 2077 should work! Though it is worth making a system backup with Timeshift first and also noting down what gets uninstalled in the process so you can make sure it gets reinstalled later should you wish to go back to Mesa stable.

On my system it was:



Original post:

Valve have just updated Proton to 5.13-4 which enables Cyberpunk 2077 to run on AMD GPUs :slight_smile:

However, you also need Mesa-git drivers to do so. Though I’m not sure which version exactly. Anyway, it seems there are some mesa-git drivers in the AUR (Hopefully recent enough ones) so I’m just wondering how to go about installing them. Do I need to uninstall my existing Mesa things or can they stay? What’s the process?

The game releases in an hour and a half so I’m hoping I can play it :stuck_out_tongue:


When you try to build mesa-git, the normal mesa package will be removed automatically. You can run pamac build mesa-git and it should take care of everything.

… or not:

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thanks for the quick quote @Yochanan just saved someones life… sorry was meant to repost that guide from the old forums ages ago, sorry did not see this thread in latest so posted a separate one

Indeed, you’re right, it’ll take care of installing mesa-git, but it seems that’s not enough. Interestingly, pamac does not try to remove everything that depends on mesa.

Thanks for the help!

So just to be clear, it’s not possible for me to do this via the GUI Package Manager Pamac and I instead have to use Yay?

Pamac supports it also via GUI. Go to settings, enable AUR support and search for mesa-git. However we might add mesa-git package tomorrow to our repositories.

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Yes I have already enabled AUR in Pamac and have installed some AUR stuff with it before :slight_smile: I can see mesa-git in there but I’m just concerned about Pamac causing some kind of mess when switching back and forth between the default Mesa stuff and mesa-git. I only say this because others have mentioned it and said to use ‘Yay’ to do it. Cheers!

hey man, as per the other thread I installed mesa-git and my distro didnt blow up, the game works too. Just take a backup before you start though just in case

Yes I have replied to you there already :slight_smile: I’ve been making some system snapshots with Timeshift to be safe. Seems to be OK so far though…