Need advice on how to lower CPU heat when gaming

I use laptop with Nvidia, all good and well, but I want to limit my CPU power so it won’t get overheat.
I thought on limiting FPS, but that alone won’t do much. I’m also not sure how to do it.
Also, I don’t want to use some utilities that will tweak my CPU automatically, I prefer to have full control on what is set and when.

Any suggestions, please?

btw: I love manjaro, just installed it couple hours ago.

Providing some information on your Hardware, and the Manjaro-DE you are running would be helpful.

I run KDE, and got a power setting in system tray similar to what people know from Windows.

Other than that you can see possible utility’s in the arch-wiki.

From that list, power-profile-deamon should be already installed on your system.

Of course there are some specific tools for power and thermal management within the manjaro repos.

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Regardless of what program you end up installing to tweak settings, I suggest a laptop cooler that actually does something (most don’t) like this one (I own something similar, this is just a newer revision).

Note that most laptops can handle loads for long periods of time with temperatures around 93° C / 200° F.

At this point you haven’t given us enough information to help us help you.

Please see the following and edit your post to include more information about your system:

The best you can do with a laptop is buy one of those cooler stands for it to help it, other than that laptops aren’t the best when it comes to cooling, Happy gaming <3

Depending on the BIOS, you can often under-volt your CPU. Lower power = less heat. This is in every desktop motherboard that I buy, but a lot of laptops don’t even let you do this. I know I have had a mix of both for laptops.

If you’re allowed to set these values, it is still a lot of trial and error to find the lowest voltages you can run with stability.

I use KDE, but power profiles are not very helpful or I don’t know yet how to use them - are there any inner tweaks in them?
No bios options to tweak CPU either.
I have powerful CPU and two GPUs - Intel and Nvidia - but I don’t want to provide hardware info due to privacy reasons. If you need some specifics, please ask.

I appreciate your help and advices, but I don’t wanna buy new hardware and I’m fully aware of the limit temp of my CPU.

I need something similar to what it was on Windows with CPU state parameter in the power settings. I could tweak it on need-basis with no harm to CPU and fully control it.

I appreciate these links, but I don’t want to go hardcore with trying them and probably break things along the way, that’s why I ask for advice on the topic.

You won’t give system information, but you also don’t like to read about your options?
TLP may be the most promising and easy to use.
But I don’t know whether it would interfere with an (possibly - we don’t know) already existing power profiles thingy.

Not sure what you expect.

You won’t give specifics so we can know how to approach your issue.
You won’t use the information given to figure out yourself which approach most promising.
Within the Linux community providing documentation is one of the best advises you could get.
And that’s a positive.

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There’s no need to throw rotten tomatoes simply because you don’t understand what I said.
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Hi @crazzy_dude,

I’m afraid if you want something completely idiot-proof, something point-and-click only, Manjaro and I dare say Linux isn’t for you. Please work thorough this:


FYI: I just deleted my post re the $PATH in your other thread
Good luck!

Where did you get that from exactly?

Just a general observation. Nothing specific. But I do find it interesting that this is the specific part of what I said that you choose to focus on…


Are you for real now?
Your observation led you to conclusion that linux and manjaro isn’t for me.

But I’m not here to argue.
Have a nice day.


It might not be. :man_shrugging:

Could have fooled me.

I guarantee you I am.


i close this topic as solved because it’s obvious that there won’t be any useful posts upcoming. sad but the thread-owner has expectations that an arch-based rolling release cannot deliver to someone new into linux.


Something that seems to have been overlooked:

Hi @crazzy_dude and welcome to the Manjaro community.

Heating (or rather, overheating) is an issue many people battle with when wanting to play intensive games and other applications. With laptops, generally, your options are limited mainly by hardware capabilities, or lack thereof; additional cooling is seldom ever a viable possibility. Instead, one’s only resolve is to play with various profiles in a vain hope to achieve a happy state you can live with. A desktop system by it’s nature has far better options.

However, this point that another first-time-poster has made, is something that often gets lost among all the noise. A simple ‘cooler stand’ can sometimes make all the difference, in addition to anything else you try:

…and @MythicCipher025 welcome to the Manjaro community, also.

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I hope this helps. Cheers.

Edit:- I have reopened this topic. Despite any apparent expectation, the OP has nonetheless demonstrated a willingness to learn (as observed in several concurrent threads). Perhaps with some humility and guidance we can assist with that goal.

I’m aware of all the above and I explicitly said that, too:

All I need is a simple CPU state manipulation on an as-needed basis.
Same as it was on Windows, or close to it. If there’s none - that’s also an answer - but I doubt that’s the case.

I appreciate you took the time and re-opened the thread.