My grub menu gone missing

I took this as an opportunity to reinstall Manjaro on my small DELL laptop.
After the installation I had no theme activated in the boot menu. Thought there was an error during the installation, re-downloaded ISO, re-installed, same error. Then looked in /etc/default/grub , the Manjaro theme was not entered, but was installed according to pacman.
Had to manually add the entry GRUB_THEME="/usr/share/grub/themes/manjaro/theme.txt", because it was commented out and nothing about Manjaro was in there. Am i the only one with this (small) error?

I hope you can understand me as i am using a translator as my english is not good :joy:

Actually I can confirm that (at least for the Ornara KDE rc1 ISO).
Well, just a small cosmetic issue :wink: I guess it’ll be fixed with the next rc

Also the case for XFCE and Gnome ones…


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