Manjaro 21.0 (rc1) Ornara released!

Maybe you want to remove the files from OSDN for now?

Was just about to write that the ISO’s are broken there when I saw the linked post :wink:

Updated to the RC today

Yeah I thought of that - but I don’t know if there is a hanging upload - so I can’t just remove the files - it might break something for another member.

But if the file size has not changed in a couple of hours - maybe we can do it.

EDIT - filesizes didn’t change for more than twenty minutes - @philm - I zapped them … so we don’t have broken downloads from OSDN.


super hype!!!

Hi Running_Dead89,

I just upgraded to Ornara (everything went smooth) and after reading your question I checked in /etc/default/grub if the entry GRUB_THEME="/usr/share/grub/themes/manjaro/theme.txt" was there. On my Gnome edition system the entry is present and not unchecked but I did an update not a fresh install like you did.

Regards, Ulrich

It will only affect new installs from the ISO.

Actually not sure why that post was moved to it’s own thread.
I thought this one is for feedback on the Ornara rc1 ISO?

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I don’t know… I thought this, too… But thanks for clearing this :smiley:

What was the feedback?

I’m on unstable branch, I always update to betas, RCs and to anything what appear in unstable branch. BTW, Manjaro is rolling release distribution and its versions don’t infulence anything.

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It seems have serious bug which caused I can’t update my packages in “Add/Remove Packages”.

I am unable to include links , so please see my post in Support :joy:

Edition: Manjaro KDE

And Thank all of you for your effort to make such a wonderful System. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We tried to upload to OSDM. As discussed in our telegram internal group. We have 30 kb/s upload, which will take 24hrs to finish, but GH will timeout after 6 hrs. So for now it is SourceForge. Don’t know when OSDN will fix uploads to their storage service via Rsync, as I don’t want to use their old Release function via WebUI.

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Hi Manjaro Team,
Manjaro 21 version is good. I told you about version 20, which was normal , but this time you did very well.

  • Good kernel support
  • Good theme implementation
    I think you should work on

butterfs and system76 power
ram usage tweaks.
bring more no# of packages in software center instead of AUR

I’m still testing it.
plz bring more tested packages in software center.

What you looking for? snaps? You can install snaps from the store.
What package you are looking for?

I don’t like snaps.
manjaro app center is fine but not as good as ubuntu and pop software center.
By the way this try was better. I would like to say good work this time.

**** Plz apply system76-power, butterfs & jre for this version.
**** Work on ram usage & recovery of ram after closing apps ( ram leakage )
Thank you!!!

See :wink:



Where is the Architect CLI version?

Architect is available on every ISO.

No, we dropped Architect for now.

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