My computer with Manjaro xfce edition freezes

My computer is getting freeze and sometimes not even boot.

is it a fresh install?
do you dual boot with windows?

Yes, it is fresh install and there is no other os. It is just Manjaro. In fact I installed it today afternoon. Please help

A few bases.

so is secure boot disabled in bios?
also some bios have a fastboot setting, so check if its disabled too …
if its all disabled, provide formatted output from:
inxi -Fazy
journalctl -b0 -p4 --no-pager

I don’t know about that, and even this freezing issue was there in my previous Linux distro (Zorien os).

Thank you

just enter into bios, and check if those settings are disabled … then provide output from the commands…

Should execute this command from terminal right?
And BTW what this command do, and do you think it is because of drivers

first check the bios settings!
yes, run those commnads from terminal, click this icon in the editor: </> and copy the output there
the inxi commands provides system info, and the second one provides logs

And than ?

There is a quick boot option I found in bios it is enabled by default

check for secure boot and also disable the quick boot

I didn’t found secure boot option, but there is a "Boot sector virus protection " named option it is disabled by default

the secure boot is very likely there … check under the boot options … just check through all bios settings …

No bro, there is no such option. But I found that second option under security tab, and there is no such secure boot option under boot tab

thats hard to believe that the secure boot option is not in your bios… unless its a really really old computer…
search internet for secure boot + your motherboard, for example ‘secure boot asus’, or ‘secure boot msi’ etc …

Just motherboard brand name right?

yes, just search for it, it should be in your bios …

Is there any other way?

you didnt found it? try pressing this shortcut in bios:
ctrl+s and check for it