Mouse stops, computer freezes

yesterday I installed manjaro-gnome-24.0-240513-linux69 via usb stick on my old MacBook Pro (2010, 2,4 GHZ Intel core i5, 8GB DDR, Intel hd graphics 288 MB). This has worked so far Aires, but the mouse pointer (touchpad) keeps hanging up and the whole computer freezes.

1st mouse connected with usb cable, unfortunately the same effect
2. old kernel 5.4 installed, unfortunately no change

What else could I do, do you have any ideas?

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Hello @IdEBugla and welcome :wink:

Take a look at

and provide some substantial information, so that the community is able to help and there is no guesswork based on scant information.

It’s the graphics, your Intel hd graphics aren’t up to such a sophisticated desktop as Gnome. Try Xfce, it will run fine. Best start with the minimal edition and add what you need.

To make sure you don’t run into similar issues there check Control Centre >> Window Manager Tweaks >> Compositor. Remove as many eye candy features as possible (maybe leave the top 1 or 2 on) and set transparency sliders to ‘opaque’ and all should be well.

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Try this, reboot and then report back:
sudo bash -c ‘echo “never” > /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/defrag’

Thank you very much! I have installed Xfce and it works great.


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Thank you very much! I have installed Xfce and it works great.

ok, good, please mark this as solved.

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