Manjaro Linux LIVE USB: Cannot connect to wifi

Hello everyone, I just grabbed the kde plasma ISO from manjaro website and booted it up. However, i noticed that the touchpad isnt working (But i have a logitech mouse that connects with USB so im fine on that for now) and the wifi isnt working either. I click the wifi, and it says No available connections. I cannot use pacman to install anything. I connected my android phone with USB tethering to share the wifi and thats not working either.

Please post some basic information about your system as specified in the links below. It appears that the drivers for your wifi card are not included in the kernel provided on the .iso and need to be installed to work in the live environment and probably as well on an installed system.

with USB tethering you don’t need to share the wifi - use it as an ethernet (cable) device
it usually works just by plugging it in when the phone is in the correct mode

You probably have some new or not very frequently used hardware and need a wifi driver that is not included by default.

info is needed if you can’t figure it out yourself

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As mentioned by the previous people you need to provide more info about your laptop.
Plus a search on the forum with your laptop brand/model might give some results also :wink:

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