Manjaro Gnome, new install, no notification sound

I am new to gnome, but i just can’t believe there is no obvious way to get the calendar alert notification to make any sound?

Its a new install, i have changed nothing.

setting / sound /

All volumes are full, the correct output device, I can select the 4 alert sounds at the bottom and they are audible. Moving the volume slider on the tray menu does make a bing sound.

Settings / notifications /

Do not disturb is OFF, I have check all of these applications and they all have the “sound alerts” switched on.

I am 100% sure i am setting the calender alert correctly (to give a popup & sound) it shows the popup but no sound?

I have been searching for an answer all day, i found Notification Sound but they say there is no help?

gsettings list-recursively org.gnome.desktop.sound             1 ✘ 
org.gnome.desktop.sound allow-volume-above-100-percent false
org.gnome.desktop.sound event-sounds true
org.gnome.desktop.sound input-feedback-sounds false
org.gnome.desktop.sound theme-name '__custom'

I don’t know why, but that setting always seems to change to custom from default no matter what. You’ll see that setting in Tweaks > Appearance as well.

Are you using PulseAudio or PipeWire out of curiousity?

How would i know(what do i do to check)? I dont know.

pactl info | grep 'Server Name'


Yes Tweaks / appearance / sound is “custom” , should i change it to default?

If you run the following to restart PulseAudio, does that make any difference?

pulseaudio -k && sleep 5 && pulseaudio --start

still silent.

Is there a better / quicker way to test as having to set a calender reminder and then wait for a minute or so just to test the notifier is a PITA?

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a sound when receiving a GNOME Calendar reminder. Are you sure that’s even a thing?

yea, 100% sure. Screen shot of the “create calendar event” settings

If you hover over the sound icon the tooltip says “Toggle the sound of the alarm”

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I am also having this issue, and only with some apps! They all show push notifications but only some play sound, despite what I have selected in gnome-settings

Is there a better / quicker way to test

try using

canberra-gtk-play -f /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo/alarm-clock-elapsed.oga

or see - Choose or disable the alert sound

As far as I’m aware sound notifications only work with pipewire and not with pulse for some reason, like the volume changing pop. Accidentality discovered it by trying out pipewire.

libcanberra-pulse and libcanberra-gstreamer were deprecated in [Stable update] 2021-06-14

Manjaro sound not working after update
(Libcanberra - ArchWiki)
libcanberra no longer requires any backends for ALSA, pulseaudio or gstreamer, as they are now built in to the libcanberra package.

So libcanberra should work on either PulseAudio or PipeWire, or neither (ALSA)

It was already installed on my system, but it doesn’t change the situation. Everybody on Gnome can easy test it by changing the volume either via clicking with the mouse on the slider of the indicator or the keyborad. In my case it only “pops” on pipewire but not with pulse.

My guess is that it has something to do with pulseaudio sinks. I’ve got the default sink and a custom ladspa sink. However the standard sink is the default, so I’m not sure what’s going on, as the pop works on my ladspa sink but not on the default. On pipewire however the default sink has working sound notifications.

I checked sound notifications in manjaro-gnome-23.0-230903-linux65.iso using PulseAudio
The ‘pop’ sound is audible when changing volume
canberra-gtk-play works to play alarm clock notification

pactl list sink-inputs
Client: 24
	Sink: 2
	Sample Specification: s16le 2ch 48000Hz
	Channel Map: front-left,front-right
	Format: pcm, format.sample_format = "\"s16le\""  format.rate = "48000"  format.channels = "2"  format.channel_map = "\"front-left,front-right\""
	Corked: no
	Mute: no
	Volume: front-left: 65536 / 100% / 0.00 dB,   front-right: 65536 / 100% / 0.00 dB
	        balance 0.00
	Buffer Latency: 1979056 usec
	Sink Latency: 39696 usec
	Resample method: speex-float-1
		media.filename = "/usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo/alarm-clock-elapsed.oga"
		media.role = "event" = "/usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo/alarm-clock-elapsed.oga" = "canberra-gtk-play"
		native-protocol.peer = "UNIX socket client"
		native-protocol.version = "35"
		window.x11.display = "wayland-0"
		window.x11.screen = "0" = "org.freedesktop.libcanberra.gtk-play"
		application.version = "0.30" = "3088"
		application.process.user = "manjaro" = "manjaro-gnome"
		application.process.binary = "canberra-gtk-play"
		application.language = "C"
		application.process.machine_id = "56b71f8f1968da5fd7c4868165019818" = "sink-input-by-media-role:event"

Gnome audio settings plays a preview of notification alert sounds when changing between Click; String; Swing & Hum

My guess is that it has something to do with pulseaudio sinks. I’ve got the default sink and a custom ladspa sink. However the standard sink is the default, so I’m not sure what’s going on

To check PulseAudio (or PipeWire) sinks and default sink

pactl list sinks; pactl info | grep Sink 

To change default sink to another available sink Name

pactl set-default-sink [Name]