Make installing from the CLI easier

looks like “architect” is defunct. I wanted to do an install with luks2 → btrfs and ran into numerous resulting issues. what I really wanted to do is install on luks2, and then mount btrfs. What I found is that the gui installer was unable to do that, if you select luks2 it never allows you to tell it the sub partition. So what I went to do was follow a tutorial that gave me basestrap and manjaro-chroot I think this would be fine, except I was missing gnome icons, on installing fprintd it wasn’t configured correctly, I think I could have corrected that via the arch wiki, but other stuff also wasn’t correct, and I couldn’t figure out what was missing. I believe that there are other post install steps for fprintd. What I think would be nice is a meta packages such as gnome-meta that simply installs all of the same packages, and then maybe another command that handles all of the other post install options (unless they already exist). In this way, I could have install used basestrap /mnt gnome-meta.

For Gnome maybe check the manjaro-gnome-settings but then you have to manually copy all from /etc/skel to your home directory and for some particular manjaro fixes there is majaro-system and manjaro-hotfixes

yeah, I’m pretty sure I added manjaro-gnome-settings, I’m not sure I added hotfixes or system but still, I think this would be a good idea for the 4? options, just to have a meta install that grabs the packages, you could always choose to not use it. Just my opinion.

Once the architect will be reloaded as a project, i’m sure will have those improvements.

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