Looking for recent ISO

There is no any full (not minimal) ISO image build of any of stable/testing/unstable branch for 4 weeks now.
I found only “happy NY” build (from December, 31).

So what? And what does this have to do with the unstable announcement?

So are you against the idea of big update prevention after installation of old image or are you against unstable branch build?
Do you think that here is not the closest place to decide how stable is current packages state to choose a moment when to build new image?

Somewhat convoluted questions.
I’ll answer directly: I don’t think this (edit: thread) is the right place to discuss ISOs.

That decision does not rest with us forum users anyway.

My message was not about discuss, I asked for build any full ISO. Looks like the next message started to discuss. You could just thumb down/report my that post about asking for a new build.

Of course we (me, you, anyone) have influence on this:
theoretically: image is for us as users, so we have influence at target audience;
practically: if we post many lacks/bugs, than builds will be postponed awaiting for maintainers fixes high priority bugs, if many of us asks for a new build, then we bringing closer a new build.

As Manjaro is a rolling release distribution, they do not release a new ISO often. You just need to install the ISO, then run an update when you boot in.

Example: 20.2 was released in Dec 2020, and 20.1 was released in Sept 2020.

If you want to install the newest and latest right off the bat, use Manjaro Architect. It pulls the latest ISO profiles, and installs packages that are currently in the repo at time of installation.


@alven that’s not correct. Latest ISO’s (incl. non-minimal) are from Jan. 03rd. For example:

xfce 20.2.1
kde 20.2.1
gnome 20.2.1

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We are working on build automation to get more builds out faster in the future. If you want to test some, check the assets on github releases:

The isos have been split to two parts because of github limitations.

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