LoginScreen Monitor Arrangement wrong

I am using Manjaro KDE testing, Wayland and have a two Monitor setup.
Upon starting my PC my displays are reversed in the login screen. When I am on my left monitor and want to move the courser to the right monitor I cant do so by moving the cursor right, I have to move it via the left border i.e. my left screen is the right screen and vice versa.
Once I login my desktop has the correct monitor setup(the one I applied manually), with the left monitor being the left one and the right being the right one, so it is no big deal.
However if possible I would like to help with finding the root for this issue or maybe anyone knows if it is something that has already been reported to upstream.

I assume it is a similar issue to: Dual monitors reversed at login, GNOME Display Manager (GDM) login screen: Monitors the wrong way around - #11 by anon80447176, Login at wrong screen / monitor / display and Dual monitors reversed at login however I have an AMD only setup and use KDE Plasma and Wayland.

The expected behavior would obviously be that the configuration I applied to my desktop was the one being used in the login screen.

As a “workaround” I was actually able to fix the wrong display order at login simply by physically switching the connected DisplayPort order, but iirc in the past that didn’t work and also I would still be interested in any hints about upstream progress.

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