List of distributions for 32 bit x86 hardware [Wiki]

This post is a Wiki, anybody can edit it and insert the distro name in alphabetical order.

Since Manjaro32 got discontinued many people ask what next and give numerous recommedations for distros repeating themselves on and on - I’m creating a central topic to give reference for distros which still support 32 Bit x86 hardware.

Please, don’t add distros which 32 Bit versions you haven’t tested, having tested them on 64 Bit machines is OK! It is good to add a link to the distro, Distrowatch entry and Homepage would be nice.

[Edit] I would like to only such distros be added which can be a viable alternative for Manjaro. It must be able to run a web browser which can log in to most websites and it must be able to run LibreOffice or similar full-featured office suite. Therefore I will strike through KolibriOS, but leave Haiku as the most extreme case (it’s browser cannot log in to Manjaro forum for example).

An alternative way to search would be Distrowatch search for the 32bit architectures:

But here are some recommendations from the target group (Manjaro community) for the target group (Manjaro commuity).


  • Arch Linux 32 - a.k.a. archlinux32
  • Bluestar Linux - features Plasma desktop. Might be a bit heavy for most 32bit machines. Download
  • Parabola GNU/Linux-libre - with only free (as in freedom) packages (by default), listed by the Free Software Foundation (FSF) as a fully free software distribution
  • Hyperbola GNU/Linux-libre - fork of Parabola, “Hyperbola deviates from its base by aiming for compliance with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS), long-term support, stability, security, simplicity, privacy, and having release cycle similar to, and corrections/patches based on, Debian GNU/Linux.”






The most (mainstream) CPUs support 64 Bit since 2003!

  • Apple PowerPC 970 (2002)
  • AMD K8 (2003)
  • Intel Prescott 2M (2004)