LibreOffice will not open ClarisWorks, AppleWorks, .pages and .numbers

Hi all,

I am new to Manjaro and to Linux – just some weeks of experience. This is my first post.

So I am unsure how/where to post a supposed bug problem (or enhancement wish).

The problem concerns a lack of functionality of LibreOffice under Manjaro.

I have already raised a bug report with the LibreOffice team, and they replied after testing that the bug is not theirs, but very probably has to do with the packaging of LibreOffice for Manjaro.

Where do I look for help, please? Or shall I describe the problem right here?

If yes: here is a short description:

LibreOffice 7.5.9-2 under Manjaro 23.1.2 (both KDE Plasma and Xfce) will not open old ClarisWorks, AppleWorks, .pages and .numbers files.

( … whereas LibreOffice 7.4.3-2 under MacOS did and does so without problems)

The LibreOffice team wrote: „you will probably need to raise a bug report with the Manjaro people, perhaps they have removed or forgotten to include some of the filters in their version?“

I can upload some files for testing.



Just to say…
Both libreoffice-still and libreoffice-fresh are packaged by Arch, so if its a packaging issue then it affects all Arch/Manjaro/Endeavor/etc users that use the regular package(s).

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Hi @HaseIgel,

I just checked and my LibreOffice writer does, indeed, have the option to open a .pages file, so I presume Calc will able to open a .numbers file. I also double checked just now, I do not have any extensions installed for that. Or any extensions, for that matter.

So I suspect the is a MimeType on apple for it, that you might be able to use here. Or you might be able to create your own. I don’t have a .numbers or .pages file to play with, though.

Please bear in mind the LibreOffice can only read those files, not write them.

To find out more about MimeTypes, see:

Hope this helps!


In theory, all you’d need to do is add the following to ~/.config/mimeapps.list:


And then execute:

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Oh, thank you for those quick responses!

Give me a little bit of time to experiment. I have so far no idea what MIME ist etc.

I would like to upload some assorted folders with ClarisWorks, AppleWorks, .pages and .numbers files and their respective conversions into LibreOffice done on a Mac. But this far I cannot see here the possibility to upload folders or zip-files. Must I upload every single file individually?


Hi all,

I’m sorry, I don’t seem to be able to upload any files to the thread – nor files, nor folders, nor zip-files. They appear pale in the dialog window and can’t be chosen for upload.

What am I missing?


The forum engine does not support that. The only files that can be uploaded are images.

In addition to the above, new users — i.e. TL0 (“Trust Level 0”) — cannot upload any images. You need to be at minimum a TL1 for doing that. Please see… :point_down:


Upload them somewhere else, there are plenty of free file hosting services available, and provide the link here.


I have just learned that as a newcomer I can’t post links either.


See post #6 — it’s the same thing. You need a higher trust level to be able to do that.

If you stick around, read some more threads and post a bit more, you will quickly become a TL1. :wink:

… and in post #7 it is mentioned within the first 20 lines …

When I enter /.config/mimeapps.list`:
the result is “file or directory not found”

Maybe I am committing some basic mistake. Just the reminder that I am new to Linux and to working with the command line.


It’s understood. I will work my way up.

You forgot the ~ part of it:

nano ~/.config/mimeapps.list

The shortcuts for working with the editor is at the bottom there:

^G Help           ^O Write Out      ^W Where Is       ^K Cut            ^T Execute        ^C Location       M-U Undo          M-A Set Mark      M-] To Bracket    M-Q Previous      ^B Back           ^◂ Prev Word      ^A Home           ^P Prev Line
^X Exit           ^R Read File      ^\ Replace        ^U Paste          ^J Justify        ^/ Go To Line     M-E Redo          M-6 Copy          ^Q Where Was      M-W Next          ^F Forward        ^▸ Next Word      ^E End            ^N Next Line

(^ means Ctrl.)

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just read one post below that
it is easy:
just format it as text or code
It is not a proper link that way - but “smart people” will be able to peruse it … :wink:

users/people who are not using OSX or Apple stuff might need these example files to replicate and … just have a look at the problem you are having

On Apple there is likely some conversioin software available.
But is it also available for non Apple platforms?
Is the file format proprietary and only “decodable” by Apple … ?

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AFAICT yes. It’s read-only for Libreoffice. From:

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Quoting is better. I think it works for TL0, but I can’t remember for sure.

Random example:

SSH keys - ArchWiki

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Yeah, it’s kinda difficult to figure out for one who does not face the restriction anymore,
but what I really meant is: experiment.
… there is only two or three options … the text version of the link will come through with one of them

links don’t have to be “clickable”
I always post links formatted as quotes
in order to avoid the link to be resolved and part of the content be shown.
… I just want to post the link …

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Hi all,

thanks for the numerous contributions.

Now I uploaded a heap of files in assorted folders to Dropbox:

The folders are:

1 ClarisWorks 2.1 Text documents
2 ClarisWorks 4.0 Text documents
3 ClarisWorks 4.0 other documents
4 AppleWorks 6.0 Text documents
5 AppleWorks 6.0 other documents
6 Pages 4.0.3 text documents
7 Numbers 2.0.3 spreadsheet documents

Inside you will find the Apple files alongwith their conversions to LibreOffice files – so that you have an idea of what they are supposed to look like after conversion. As I said, I could do the conversion easily on MacOS: LibreOffice opens all of them.

Mark: (My) ClarisWorks files have no file name extension. This started only with (my) AppleWorks 6.0 files, which have .cwk or .cws


Hoping that you will be able to access the “link”. If not, I’ll try another method.


Dropbox wants a registration - via Google or Apple
But there is also the option - all the way down - “just download anyway” … :wink:

There are plenty of sites which allow to upload files and share a link to them, aside from dropbox.