LibreOffice how to get Spellchecking to actually work?

Ran into a strange thing for LibreOffice to thing. Namely the Spellchecking doesn’t work at all. When I misspell a word it keeps giving to wrong spelling. A search engine work better. This should be the other way around.

So how can I fix this? I choose the English-USA Option and still run into this.

Are hunspell and hunspell -en_us installed? Mine works, though I do not use the distribution version of LO Fresh. Here is how mine looks:

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Yes, you need to have the appropriate packages for Hunspell and hyphenation installed. You should be able to check in the Manjaro Settings Manager under Language Packages if they are installed. You can also use pamac to check if the dependencies needed for LibreOffice are present. Additionally, you can install the extension English dictionaries for OpenOffice/LibreOffice 4.0+ and for the grammar the extension LanguageTool.


Spell checking

For spell checking, please make sure hunspell is properly installed; this should be the case for both still and fresh LibreOffice versions. Then install a language dictionary for hunspell like hunspell-en_us for American English or hunspell-de for German (check the AUR if your language is not in the official repositories). Then enable the Writing aids by selecting the check-box in Tools > Options > Language Settings > Writing Aids > Hunspell SpellChecker after restarting LibreOffice.

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Thanks. I just installed hunspell -en_us Bow I check later.