Libre Office weird small windows in Plasma - issue

Since the latest LO update, many of the office files opens like that:

On a desktop, when all apps are minimized, you can see it - it’s in the upper, left corner. The maximize button doesn’t work in this state, present window or switching with tab also doesn’t help, because this window is… invisible (not on the list). With other apps opened, the small thing just blends in and is hard to notice.

Once I find it, the only way to access the file is to navigate with the cursor to the corners of that “thing” and expand it to a normal window. Then this file opens correctly next time. But when I try to open a new file that I haven’t been opening since a while, it opens in such bizarre and problematic state.

This is only LO issue. With multimonitors, it always opens on the secondary monitor.

Anyway, has anyone experienced this? Is it a Plasma issue with LO or only LO issue?

I’m not sure how to debug it. It could be as well some corrupted config, or theming problem, but why it affects LO only?

Hey @michaldybczak
see below:

One way to keep LO calc files at a respectable window size is to resize them - but not maximize them - before closing the window.

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Thanks! That is the good workaround. All maximized window open in a problematic state, but unmaximized open correctly, so what you said checks out!

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