Lenovo touchpad not working

I just installed linux for the first time and decided to go with Manjaro! I love it so far as there is so much to learn. One problem that I can’t seem to find an answer for is that my touchpad is not working at all. How would I go about fixing this?

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Is the Touchpad enabled in Touchpad settings in “XFCE Settings Manager”?

Thank you!
I just checked and it’s it shows that I have my mouse plugged in, and the touchpad G2Touch multi-touch by G2TSP exists but when I select it the touchpad still doesn’t work and the mouse still does

Sorry for not being exact, I wanted to say is it enabled or “Turned On” in the settings? :sweat_smile:

Also, you might want to see this:

using xinput might help.
use this program written in bash.