Konsole profile & color scheme resets when closed and relaunch

Hi community,
When i change the konsole color scheme or create a profile in my konsole and apply the changes, later when i relaunch the konsole again, its reset for some funny reason.
funny thing is that the color theme and everything flickers when konsole is open!

Did you go into the settings and mark that profile to be the default?

Yes! and after closing down the konsole and relaunching it again its back to the default setting. and the profile that i created or chose as default is completely gone!

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There was something similar before but I don’t know if that has been fixed or not.
Please see below, maybe it helps you.

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the fix was the following

echo '[General]' > ~/.local/share/konsole/Empty.profile && echo 'Name=Empty' >> ~/.local/share/konsole/Empty.profile
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A bug and its fix is explictly mentioned in KDE Gear 22.12.1 announcement today.

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