Konsole profiles are recovering

Hi all.

Currently I have 2 Konsole profiles:

Build-in [Read-only] [Default]

The problem is that any changes are lost after the window is closed. If I make Breath the default or add a new profile, that change will persist until I close the window. After closing everything is restored.

Also, these changes are not seen by other Konsole applications (eg Yakuake).

I have a freshly installed system with KDE theme + Kvantum theme, I didn’t make any special settings.

> cat ~/.config/konsolerc 
[Desktop Entry]
DefaultProfile=baroness-profile.profile (that`s profile i created!)


HDMI-A-0 Height 2560x1080=554
HDMI-A-0 Width 2560x1080=911
HDMI-A-0 XPosition 2560x1080=824
HDMI-A-0 YPosition 2560x1080=253


According to this config, Konsole just ignores my settings. What can I do to fix that?

And you should see that in ~/.local/share/konsole/
Is it there or disappears when you restart Konsole?

AFAIK that should be


because you define that in the profile you just created, top line

> ls ~/.local/share/konsole/
Sweet-Ambar-Blue.colorscheme  Sweet.colorscheme  Sweet-Mars.colorscheme

I didn’t write that profile, I used Konsole UI to create that. Problem is Konsole does not want to read profiles I created, instead it loads default profiles.

What you show there are .coloscheme files. I see no .profile in there.

The two highlighted are also in that folder on my end

Look at that, please

I don’t know how to explain this with words

Your video shows exactly what i asked, but only partially

Meaning, that with Dolphin opened inside your ~/.local/share/konsole/ see if when you create the profile, the file is written there, and if disappears by itself when closing Konsole.

On my end, each time i create a new_profile i get in that folder a file called new_profile.profile and remains there after i close Konsole, then i can tweak it later too.

Found this that seems to be exactly what your issue is 458835 – Configuration files created with the create new profile button are not saved
And guess what? I managed to reproduce the issue on a VM install. If i create a New Profile and i click Apply, is in the ~/.local/share/konsole/ but once i Click OK it vanishes by itself.

Managed to reproduce on another install too, but i see no errors … A hacky way to overcome this issue, is to create a fake profile, running this command:

echo '[General]' > ~/.local/share/konsole/Empty.profile && echo 'Name=Empty' >> ~/.local/share/konsole/Empty.profile

Restart Konsole and then Edit/Rename/Tweak and save that profile with your settings, and make it Default.

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This solution works perfectly, thanks!

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