Changing default shell in kde

I’m trying to change the shell to tcsh. I used the standard chsh , which didn’t work. I found the directions to use settings in the konsole app, and I got as far as selecting the default profile. My problem is that the edit button is grayed out. Any help would be appreciated.

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The default Konsole profile is read-only in Manjaro. What you need to do is create a new profile, set this new profile as the default, and then you can edit that profile and set tcsh as the shell it must use.

It is possible that you may also have to use a temporary workaround to address a little bug when creating a new profile.

I have the exact same problem and I did what you suggested, but the buttons are still grayed out. That said, I also experience the bug @Takakage mentioned.

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Create a file in ~/.local/share/konsole called <profilename>.profile with the following content:


You can then open up konsole and change default profile to <profilename>.

(Make sure that the path to tcsh is correct. I’ve never used it).