Kernel 6.0 to Manjaro?

So, when Linux kernel 6.0 is coming to Manjaro, does anybody have any idea about it? Thanks.

All in here Packages / Core / linux60 · GitLab


Probably shortly after it’s actually released. Just as 5.19 was.

It’s currently in Release Candidate 1 and there are usually 7-8 of those before it’s released.

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Kernel v6.0-rc1 was released less than 24 hours ago and has not yet been released to Arch Testing repository

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Exactly when it’s done! Not 1 second sooner and not 1 second later.

It’s only RC still, and only RC 1. It’s not even released. So, my dear fellow, hold on to your horses.


major version bumps for the linux kernel don’t actually mean anything. it’s the same level of change as 5.18 to 5.19 was. linus likes to joke he bumps it up when the numbers start getting higher than he can count.


Thanks for the info guys, have a great day!

Great news: Kernel 6.0-RC1 even seems to run on Ryzen processors out of the box:

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Continuing the discussion from [Testing Update] 2022-08-04 - Kernels, Nvidia, Thunderbird, Cinnamon, KDE-git:

Seems that the days of 5.19 are indeed already counted: Linux 6.0-rc1 Released With Exciting Performance Optimizations, New Hardware Support - Phoronix

no. the release of 6.0 has no bearing on how long 5.19 will be supported.

You do know that “…the kernel version numbers really are entirely made up and have no intrinsic meaning.”

Kernel 6.0 is not offically released until 2th October, its only in RC1 atm

Kernel 6.0.0-1 is now available from Manjaro unstable branch