KDE Volume Control widget lists the same device multiple times

A picture should explain it simpler:
As you can see, those are all the same device, which if I go to Audio section of System Settings:

they are only listed once.

EDIT: Solved by restarting plasmashell, although it will come back on next relogin.

As I understand it, this is not a bug in Plasma but in pipewire. There have been other reports of this already — I think it was on the Testing or Unstable announcement threads…

Also, I am using pulseaudio here and I’m not seeing this duplication.

Bluetooth headset showing multiple entries in KDE after update - #28 by nikgnomic

Bug appears to have been patched by Arch maintainer
0.3.77-2: FS#79355 backport patch to fix device duplication (4e27f18b) · Commits · Arch Linux / Packaging / Packages / pipewire · GitLab

PipeWire version 0.3.77-2 has been released to unstable and testing branches
Manjaro 2023-08-19 Testing Update ($914) · Snippets · GitLab

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I see, thank you guys. I’ll be waiting for the fix to enter Stable branch.

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