KDE plasma bugs after each update [Stable Update] 2022-09-12

Give examples.

a Non-official support channel where you didn’t get an answer? Hmmm…

I posted about a bug in the password change function that still occurring and I got no answer about when it will be fixed. This bug is critical and important, but I don’t see anyone talking about it because no one knows that it exists

A link to the relevant bug report for plasma 5.25 was posted after your forum comment 5 days ago
Password not being changed - #9 by ydar

The bug report was closed earlier today after commits for plasma 5.25 and 5.26


And another one… :arrow_down:

That makes four distinct users with Plasma problems within the time since I logged on at the forum today.


You could show yet another one…

…but I didn’t upgrade to 5.25. :smirk:



the last manjaro kde update, and now laptop freezing also. …I am starting the laptop again…


Yes, I could… :wink: :arrow_down:

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It just never ends… :arrow_down:

Is there still anyone left in Houston who does not believe that we’re having a problem here? :roll_eyes:

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Lift off for KDE Plasma 5.26 is October 6th officially… So, on a positive note, things can only get better right(can’t they)…? :thinking:


In the meantime for those that are having real issues(I’m lucky with a minute niggle personally…) until 5.26 is pushed through testing, it’s going to be rather choppy sailing until then, alas…

And for those that wanted 5.25 whatever it takes, well, I doubt they are/were all disappointed, hopefully?


Haha - actually I do quite like the highlight colour from wallpaper now, I think they put in a fix and it’s much better than it was a couple of weeks back.

Other than that, most of the ‘improvements’ are slightly overshadowed to the point that I’m wondering if I should keep fighting it, or just go with a fresh install.

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Well, if you have a backup, then you can go back to 5.24.6 and exclude the Plasma packages from being upgraded — see higher up the thread. It’s what I and many others have done. :man_shrugging:

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All isn’t bad, far from it actually. I mean it’s KDE after all :wink:

I haven’t made a back-up for a while, now, which as we all no is VERY naughty of me…but as Manjaro is and continues to be very stable, overall, I became complacent; and the only way to go now is to make back-ups with a thumb-drive and reinstall at this stage if needed. But as 25.5 is problematic to say the least, why bother?!

Thanks to @Weidenwiesel for his workaround to do the update without Plasma 5.25. However I’m wondering what to do now that I’m working with a partial update. Is there any chance that the Manjaro devs will roll back to Plasma 5.24 with the next update? I’m sure they monitor this forum and are aware of the problems that 5.25 is causing. Or will we have to live with this partial update situation until a stable Plasma version finally comes along?

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Probably the latter, unless we can come up with a way to offer maintenance support packages for the LTS version. Because the 5.24 branch is still supported with updates from upstream — that’s what an LTS release is — but those updates will then have to be rebuilt each time a new version of the KDE Frameworks comes out.

So, basically, if we — the community — can find a couple of people knowledgeable enough and willing to maintain Plasma 5.24 packages as a plasma-lts metapackage, then that would be a solution.

The other option is to wait until 5.26 hits Manjaro Stable, but even then that’s still a big question mark, simply because of KDE upstream’s habit of breaking things with every version bump and not caring about their actual real-world user base — 5.26 is just as big a step up from 5.25 as 5.25 was from 5.24.



My personal opinion here, sorry to barge in, is that it’s the second option on the grounds of simplicity(see pragmatism there)…which is why I mentioned above “Lift off for KDE Plasma 5.26 is October 6th officially”, and it’s only around the corner.

But, we are dependant on the KDE dev team, that’s true. Notwithstanding the fact our own testing branch can only do so much so to speak at the end of the day if 5.26 is another shot in the foot “upgrade”…with “regressions”.

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It would then still take some 4 to 6 weeks before it lands in Manjaro Stable, though. First and foremost, it’s going to have to go through the usual channels over at Arch, and then again here, via Unstable and Testing.

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Dunno if all this will see people getting off the KDE showroad to go over to other desktop environments, or, the more recent (see newbies) leaving the ship … ? Otherwise, then, your proposal per see 5.24 might be a solution indeed. But, that implies plenty of work on the behalf of brave volunteers who, they, themselves, might already have a real life situation, i.e. full time work :thinking:

It wouldn’t be the first time. When the fairly bug-free KDE 3.5.x was replaced by the barely functional and bug-ridden Plasma 4.x, lots of people left KDE behind them for good and moved onto other desktop environments — most of them to XFCE, but some also to GNOME — and it still took the KDE developers up to at least Plasma 4.6 before it was at least somewhat usable.

The transition from Plasma 4.x to 5.x was equally fraught with difficulties, among other things because several of the KDE Applications turned out to be abandonware — they had never properly been ported from qt3 to qt4, and their original developers had no intention to even port them to qt5.

Also, it took up to at least Plasma 5.12 before the global menu from KDE 1/2/3 returned — in Plasma 4 it was only available through a third-party add-on — albeit that it would from then on also support GTK-based applications, which it did not do before.

Things actually got so bad with both major version bumps that forks were created. TDE (“Trinity Desktop Environment”) is a still-maintained fork of both qt3 and KDE 3, and one of the developers of the Oxygen theme — who was fired from the KDE team — created his own Plasma 4 alternative called Be::Shell, which used the same underlying KDE Frameworks but offered an alternative and somewhat macOS-like desktop experience.

Exactly. They would need to have the time, the skills and the motivation to maintain those packages.


Diccipline’s more like it. ALAS, I don’t think I’ve the required skillz, really.

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Yes, I’m aware of Trinity DE and to a lesser extent Be:::Shell, and what led up to their conception in the first place… All things are cyclical in nature, it seems, so, perhaps we’re coming around full-circle with KDE. A moment that determines all of the rest, for the coming cycle, so to speak?..?

And I agree, time, skills, motivation…and, also IMO, an imperative need-to-know-situation where said would-be-package-maintainers need rapid feedback from end-users as to whether or not their effort(s) would at least not be for nowt; and that KDE users would get onboard at least for a part of the ride - which in itself would be an encouragement to “throw the dices”!

I could paraphase the following, “Diccipline’s more like it. ALAS, I don’t think I’ve the required skillz, really”… Although, I know, I definetely don’t have the skills, myself. But, I would definetely get aboard and see what gives :smiley:

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