KDE Plasma 5.26.x Stability Inquiry

It works fine. But it won’t always, as @Aragorn mentioned.

You should report any issues with the KDE team, then. Not Manjaro:



5.26.4 should be out on the 2022-11-29 and 5.26.5 is scheduled for the 2023-01-03. After that all attention is on 5.27.x series. So lets see how fixable 5.26.x series is. For 5.24.8 I’ve no release date found yet …


It’s true that The Manjaro Team can only do so much, and that the rest is down to the devs that conceptualise and put together a working(stable?) desktop environment at the end of the day… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well if you see a bug within 15 minutes in a fresh install you should report it. This most likely goes for KDE Neon or those who ship with vanilla look and feel: The 15-Minute Bug Initiative – Adventures in Linux and KDE


Scrolling throught their bugtracker similiar problems are already files multiple times, so i can only hope that this can be resolved. I mean until a week or two ago everything was fine.

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Well - adding new regressions to “stable” versions seems to be partly a thing. Those happen sometimes also to the kernel development. So ya, we can only hope those won’t get backported to LTS versions …

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Then the more visible bugs, admittedly… otherwise the others await to de discovered later on, so to speak.

Part of the truth IMO might be that the devs probably have real life situations, too, and skip through things to meet a theoretic deadline per see the release calender and such!..?