It's not saving to the disk?

When I boot up Manjaro its stuck at /dev/sda2: clean. So I opened the tty and ran startx which did start deepin but all of my customisation was gone. I thought that my /dev/sda2 got curropted but neofetch seemed to be installed and my wifi was saved which were the first 2 things I did on the system. On the first boot after doing those Without rebooting I installed tons of packages and customized my desktop but those don’t appear to have been saved or atleast accessible. Even if I try to use the Manjaro on the state it is now it keeps hanging. It’s not like the whole laptop hangs and the caps blink. I can move the cursor using the touchpad but do nothing else. I think there were some bad blocks bc the first time this problem happened it cleaned some of the bad blocks. So why did the packages and customisations cause bad blocks and why does it keep getting hanged? How do I solve this?

Gentle shut down a suddenly hanged PC to minimize a chance of getting a broken filesystem and data loss:

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