ISO Downloads are Slow

No, no, no

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I guess this shit might download by the time my case comes in the mail today and I get everything put together…


OSDN upload tested - before they changed their infrastructure I could upload an ISO within approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Now it takes almost an hour for the minimal version of LXDE

➜  ~ time deployiso -p lxde
==> Start upload [lxde] to [manjaro-community] ...
sending incremental file list
         12,176 100%    0.00kB/s    0:00:00 (xfr#1, to-chk=1/3)
  1,659,203,584 100%  496.73kB/s    0:54:21 (xfr#2, to-chk=0/3)
==> Done upload [lxde]
 --> Time sync_dir: 54.50 minutes
deployiso -p lxde  18,63s user 6,35s system 0% cpu 54:30,03 total

Need something like this?


Can confirm I’m getting the same terrible download speeds for the ISO in UK


Based on the current download statistics, it seems the first Ornara ISOs got downloaded as normal. SourceForge seems to have problems in mirroring our latest ISOs thru their whole network. So we may have to wait one or two days.


We have a total different story with OSDN. There we have a hard time to even upload. Therefore we disabled that Feature for now, until OSDN may fix it:

So if it is important, you may comment those tickets.


Github has a 2 GB size limit for free projects, however unlimited space. Therefore we have to provide split-zip files. It works great for our daily builds and you have fast uploads. However we get feedback from our users, that some of them are not able to join those files to one archive.


Currently our @Manjaro-Arm team is testing out a way to get torrents back to their downloads, as they completely moved to Github Storage for now. If there is a solution we may adopt them also to Manjaro x64 downloads. However, we have to find a proper suited web-seed service able to also serve either from SF or GH.

Other options

  • we can try to host the ISOs on our own from either donations or a pay-per-download basis
  • we find filehoster, which want to mirror our ISOs (at least main ISOs) on their system
  • pay Microsoft to store larger files on github
  • other ideas

Done. Weird that they (OSDN) don’t seem to care about it.

That would be great. I can contribute with a 2.5 GBit/s server for seeding.

Putting them into the package repository so that the package mirrors can serve them too.


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I discovered that with the Gnome-next testing isos these last months. I searched and found how to join the split files, but a little written help reminder could be a good idea.
I helped another forumer who had no clue what to do with the different files.

The issue with that is:

  • Our Repos are already about 120 GB in size
  • Adding only our last release to the mirrors will be about 27 GB for only the 3 Main-Editions

Github has on of the best Mirrors in regard of downloading and uploading stuff. We utilized them now via CIs to build ISOs or ARM install medias. However the 2 GB size limit creates issues on our end. For the ARM project no problem, as we have not such big files.

  • So we either have to reduce every edition to under 2 GB, which will rule out all standard ISOs
  • Or pay at least 5 USD per month to Microsoft, if we use the Team Plan with one user. There is a Non-Profit Option, however as Company we won’t be able apply for that.
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Most tools will auto-join those files:

  • put the files in one directory
  • extract them there: Engrampa, 7zip and others: Windows style
  • sure, doing it in a console will be harder: Linux Style

I just did a quick test with wget, and yes the download is way slower than expected:

Wird in »manjaro-gnome-21.0.1-210409-linux510.iso« gespeichert.
manjaro-gno 0%[ ] 1,71M 79,9KB/s ETA 9h 5m

You can speed up your download via axel. Here is a way to do it:

sudo pacman -S axel
[phil@development Downloads]$ axel -v -n 10
Starte Abruf:
Dateigröße: 2,60404 Gigabyte(s) (2796068864 bytes)
Öffne Ausgabedatei: manjaro-gnome-21.0.1-210409-linux510.iso.0
Starte Abruf

[  1%] [0   .1   .2   3    .4   5    6    .7   8    9     ] [ 590,9KB/s] [ 1h16]

For two days I have tried to download the newest KDE, it downloads at very slow speeds taking 6-7 hours. Can someone fix it. And where are the torrents? Need this fixed ASAP please! My modem downloads at 500 mib.

The team are aware of the issues and have opened tickets on it

Thanks @philm for letting me know. I ended up downloading a older version from another site, largest update I have had ever. Hope OSDN and others get it fixed soon. I went on a distro hop, checked Garuda and endeavor Linux KDE. Manjaro KDE is so much more stable then any including, MX Linux. Have a nice rest of your day.

It might have been easier to just download the Manjaro Architect ISO since it’s smaller and install via that. To avoid breaking from changes between an old ISO and big multiple updates.

That would have worked! Thanks @realmain.

I just triggered some builds of stable ISOs on Github. Let’s see if they come thru …

Downloading with IDM in Windows from sourceforge…speed is fine.

Yeah, in the meanwhile it spread out to some more sourceforge mirrors.

Choose a different mirror:
JZT KFT (Mezotur, Hungary, HU)
Liquid Telecom (Kenya, KE)
CFH Cable (United States, US)
Versaweb (Las Vegas, NV, US)
PhoenixNAP (Tempe, AZ, US)
Free France (Paris, France, FR)
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