ISO Downloads are Slow

I’m getting very slow download speeds for the ISOs. Is there a reason why Manjaro doesn’t have something like a CDN to get these downloads to users more evenly across regions? I’m in Central US, so I’m not sure why the speeds are so slow.

I have tried downloading GNOME, KDE, and XFCE, and the downloads speeds for the ISOs from SourceForge are saying they’re going to take 25 minutes (~600KBps). I have a 500Mbps connection and the speeds for downloading other distros’ ISOs only take about two minutes.

I’m trying to come back to Manjaro to give it another shot, but it’s like this every time I come here. In the amount of time I took to choose my words here, the download is still not complete.

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Hi @theskog, and welcome!

I realize that might seem slow. However, it’s not, really.

I remember when we had to do9wnload thee 600MB Ubuntu ISOs. That literally took all weekend. If wee were lucky. And if I’m correct, that is less than half thee size of the Manjaro ISO.

And remember, a CDN would cost extra money.

Just remebered, there are mirrors all over the world, anyway. So just make sure you’re using the one closest to you.

Huh, well, right now, trying to download a 21.0.1 minimal ISO, roughly 100KBps at peak.
About 5-6 hours for downloading…i am sure this is a joke, but 9 days late.
I have a fiber internet connection

Heh, nah man. I remember the days I was extremely happy when I hit 13KBps.

My update just got an average of 2 MBps download speed. Check that you use mirrors close to you, that mes one big difference!

What mirrors ?

Check here:

These are mirrors for the packages, and indeed, no problem with them, i made the big update one hour ago.
But, i am talking about the ISOs. I would like an ISO to put in a VM for testing purpose

It’s about downloading the ISO images and not packages.

But yeah. Download is indeed slow as hell. About 100 kb/s.

Seems there is only one mirror available right now.

@linux-aarhus Wondering if OSDN is still giving issues with the upload? They always had pretty fast mirrors available…

Yes, San Diego is quite slow, anyway, i will wait till tonight and see what happens.

Hmmm, OK. I don’t see 100KBps as slow. But I’m obviously in the minority.
Maybe a torrent would work better?

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lol :slight_smile:

Compared to the 50MBps I got once? Yeah, it’s slow. Compared to the 10KBps I used to get? It’s very, very fast.

Well, you are right, and anyway, sometimes, the minority is right.
But, when you have 1.9 Go to download, i agree with you actually, it’s not slow…it’s more than slow, i can’t find the appropriate word (english is not my mother tongue so i lack vocabulary)



I guarantee you, your English is better than some native speaker’s I’ve heard. I’m not an Native English speaker myself, but I do like to read. a Lot!

But, I get it. You mean crawling. But once again, try doing that with a dail-up connection, and you’d be extremely lucky if it hit 12KBps. And then it was ADSL. That was 512KBpps. It felt like I was flying! Hitting download speeds of up to 60KBps! Man!

Package mirrors and ISO mirrors are completely different.

After OSDN migrated their infrastructure to Amazon - not a good decision …




And you had to be careful! They could get very hot!

This one is not bad either


Reminding me of the movie Wargames

I don’t recall quite how it looked - but I found it in a dumpster behind the jutland telecom branch named Jydsk Telefon - in my memory it looked similar to this