Is there any way to install python2 binary?

Is there any way to install python2 directly binary ? because the one from AUR takes more than 17min to finish with failure.

== Tests result: FAILURE ==

368 tests OK.

4 tests failed:
    test_curses test_time test_urllib2net test_urllibnet

23 tests skipped:
    test_aepack test_al test_applesingle test_bsddb185 test_cd test_cl
    test_dl test_gl test_imageop test_imgfile test_kqueue
    test_linuxaudiodev test_macos test_macostools test_msilib
    test_ossaudiodev test_py3kwarn test_scriptpackages test_startfile
    test_sunaudiodev test_winreg test_winsound test_zipfile64
Those skips are all expected on linux2.

Total duration: 17 min 47 sec
Tests result: FAILURE
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in check().
 -> error making: python2

I don’t understand the logic behind those source based packages on AUR, they are just wasting time, CPU and space while the final Linux binary is already available.


It seems you neither read #announcements posts nor searched before posting.


I know it’s dropped but it’s still needed by some apps (like zenmap) that are working fine and needed by some users.

@micwoj92 adding export TERM=xterm to check() and xterm to checkdepends make the package build where before it failed, would you like to add it to the pkgbuild given the number of comments of people who can’t read the pinned comment?

For the others, pre-build package build in clean chroot by me here FabioLolix-OS-Archive - Browse /Packages at

You can skip check function, you know.

Seems you don’t understand what AUR is. It’s NOT a package repository.

It’s funny you mention wasting time, cpu and space. That’s why arch isn’t building it for you (or anyone else) anymore. Most people don’t need it anymore. And the ones that do, can build it themselves.

Well if you already have packaged binary, then install that.

You can skip check function, you know.

I’m not python guy so I don’t know if that failure is sign of corrupted package or not.

Well if you already have packaged binary, then install that.

I don’t want to fall to a similar situation like the one from Windows apps hell management.

…that only live in the AUR just like python2 now does. Python 2 has been EOL since December 2020, is not supported and may have security issues.

Keep in mind AUR packages are neither supported by Arch nor Manjaro. You are responsible for managing them.

It has nothing to do with python itself. You can check archwiki on ‘makepkg’ and ‘PKGBUILD’ to get clearer picture of the build process and different functions in PKGBUILD file.

dont how long this will be up, for now you can get the binary package in archlinux-archive;

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I tried adding export TERM=xterm to check() method and added xterm to checkdepends but it always fails.

No offense,

But this :point_down:

Will be even worse if you compile packages and not use the binary…IMHO, having once been there thanks to Gentoo, compiling packages are not really worth it.

okay, next try

long story short:

open a terminal …

git clone
cd python2

remove lines 99-109 eg

check() {
  # Since 2.7.14 with latest xvfb
  # test_idle, test_tk, test_ttk_guionly: segfaults
  # Since 2.7.15: test_ctypes
  # test_ftplib test_imaplib test_urllib2_localnet: krb5 errors
  # test_codecmaps_jp: TODO

  cd Python-${pkgver}
  LD_LIBRARY_PATH="${srcdir}/Python-${pkgver}":${LD_LIBRARY_PATH} \
    xvfb-run "${srcdir}/Python-${pkgver}/python" -m test.regrtest -v -uall -x test_idle test_tk test_ttk_guionly test_ctypes test_ssl test_ftplib test_imaplib test_urllib2_localnet test_codecmaps_jp

STRG + X save the PKGBUILD

makepkg -sri

have fun :wink:

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You did something wrong somehow

--nocheck makepkg option exist as well the AURweb page AUR (en) - python2

and also AUR (en) - python2