Is it possible to boot from nvme ssd with usb adapter?

Greetings, the idea is to make a bootable portable device with manjaro on, using m.2 nvme ssd with adapter to usb. (my mobo doesn’t support m.2 slots so i am going to buy an adapter either way)
I am wondering if it is possible, and if it is, if it is worth it, regarding speed loss or whatever…

Hi @icegreb, andd welcome!

Possible? Yes. Easily? Probably not so much since AFAIK the default Calamares installer won’t let you install on removable media for obvious reasons.

You’ll probably have to look into this:

Speed? Since USB, especially USB 1/2, is much slower that NVME I highly doubt it worth it. Better to get M2. SATA AFAIK.

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Thanks, i will look into it!

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You can do that even with a USB drive. Works a bit slower maybe, but not really noticible. With SSD there won’t be such problem at all, since it’s a lot faster. But to be sure you can go with USB-C adapter instead of USB-A and etc. Through regular USB 3.0 you will get speeds approx as you’re using an HDD or a very crappy SSD.

Although of course you may meet some problems later in the future, I didn’t use my manjaro on a USB a lot. Worked well with casual tasks though.

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What are you talking about “Won’t let you install”. It does and it did. I installed on a flashdrive as easily as on my laptop.

Well, that’s news to me.


Perhaps upstream has changed something - I don’t know.

In my experience Calamares doesn’t allow the user to select a removable device.

However - some removable devices doesn’t advertise themselves as removable - one example is my WD Passport SSD and a seagate backup with rotational disk inside.

Those are accepted by Calamares - but if I attach an extra USB - e.g. Kingston 32G - it is not listed as a target in the device selection dropdown.

My original conclusion is - it depends on the device - perhaps other factors I haven’t considered - such as various information which can be pulled using udev.