How to install Manjaro on USB stick?


Hi, respected forum members. New to penguin (read linux), new to Manjaro, new to this forum. (So be merciful if I sound like an absurd hopeless kiddo)
Exploring Manjaro and loving so far and also recommended it to a few friends :slight_smile:
One of them asked me if he could install Manjaro on a 64 GB usb 3.0 stick. I, being a noob, couldn’t answer. Please provide a guide for this, if it exists. :sweat_smile:
(The ones I found are either outdated or too complex (for me or him to grasp) (I am not very familiar with terminal, but am ready to follow instructions carefully))

Which ones?

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I’m not the OP, but have trouble regarding the same topic. I found a tutorial but doesn’t work -

Your only venue to install Manjaro to a removable device is to do it manually.

There is several topics which related to installing on removable device - but your comment

make me say

There is no easy point and click installation to USB

Feel free to visit my collection off notes relating to install Manjaro to USB - manually



Are you agree if someone made a simple tutorial “Manjaro on usb stick” with screenshots ?
Last year I made an USB install with calamares and so on with the graphic tools.


Once I did it from within Windows a year ago (It was just an experiment but was successful!).
Booted Manjaro iso in VMWare, attached usb drive to the host and after running the calamares installer in VM, I chose the usb drive as target disk for installation. And that’s it!
I will try from virtualbox in Manjaro (don’t want to depend on Windoze) and update if I succeed.

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A tutorial will be very helpful, indeed :slightly_smiling_face:. Please upload it if possible.

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Thanks for your reply.
On my side I did it with 2 USB stick, the first with the ISO file, the second dedicated for the install.


Could you please create a detailed post in #contributions:tutorials section? I think that would be the best.

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but first I’ll create it here like a wiki (you are regular)
and next I’ll do the tutorial
Are you agree?

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Of course, yes.


I created a small tutorial, please see if it works @vagrand101

@linux-aarhus, @megavolt,, @vagrous101 please give your valuable thoughts too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice job, yesterday I did the needed screenshots, but what I see on your how to is well

On my side I format the usb key before the install, see below
I don’t use the virtual machine, your solution is good with the virtual machine
I use 2 usb keys, one contain the images, the second one is for the future os install
is it necessary to explain the UEFI boot on start ?

To format your USB key select Kde Partition Manager

1 select your drive
2 select the partition
3 delete the actual partition

… you understand the idea

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You are booting one USB stick as live media, and installing on the other USB? Great!

you’re right, you understood
I come back later 1/2 h
fell free to copy past my screenshots on your wiki, build a version with 2 usb keys, after the virtual machine solution
see you later

Okay I’ll do that. :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t try with MBR, that’s why just mentioned it. :sweat_smile:

P.S. - Done it. Please do edit everything that need to be edited. :wink:

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Nice job on the wiki
I continue here to give you my screenshots with details and text

If you look the usb keys are alone to be plug on the machine, I unplugged the other drive (ssd, m2sata…) for more security and avoid any damage on the hard drive.

The usb keys are different from size
image key 32 gb
key for the future os 64 gb

after selected the usb key to format:
Apply all operations
format the usb key

confirm your chose
Apply Pending Operations

at the end format process you have this message, click ok

go back on the desktop and double click on the icon install Manjaro Linux

I think, you can edit the wiki most properly as you have gone through the process yourself :sweat_smile:. And you are TL3 and so can edit the wiki too. :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, fell free to edit what I did, I mean you begun this wiki.
please, if necessary rebuild my sentences

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