Installing Hybrid AMD-Intel GPU

Hi, I’m using Manjaro XFCE I’ve tried a lot of things to make my AMD Gpu active in the end I broke my Manjaro. On windows I get higher fps on games but in Manjaro I get 15-20 fps. I’ve tried a lot of things but I can’t solve this fps problem due my laptop uses hybrid gpu. If someone help me I appreciate.

Best to provide more details starting with output from

inxi -G

What happens if you try automatic detection in Manjaro Settings Manager?

I check the settings but I really don’t know how to do it. If you mean hardware detection just some videolinux drivers downloaded.
Device 1 Intel HD Graphics 620 driver i915 v kernel
Device 2 AMD Sun XT Radeon HD 8670A 8670M 8690M R5 M330 M430
Radeon 520 Mobile
driver radeon v kernel
Device3 Realtek Integrated Webcam HD type USB driver uvcvideo
Display x11 server XOrg 1 20 13 driver loaded ati modesetting radeon
resolution: 1366x768 60Hz @ralm

For hybrid graphics and swtiching between Intel and Radeon, I don’t know what to suggest unless there’s a hybrid driver option listed in Settings Manager/Hardware Configuration. It would be named something like video-hybrid-intel-amd.

AMD graphics do seem to be a challenge for other users. Here’s a couple posts I hope are helpful that look similar to your situtation.

I search for Intel-AMD driver but couldn’t find but I will take a look. Thank you.

Almost forgot… Testing branch could be working against you. Consider stable with the LTS kernel.

I don’t really know what to do. Can you explain a little bit.

If you installed an ISO from Manjaro’s download page you’re running the stable branch and you should update that detail in your forum profile. That and other system info helps prevent guessing and you’ll be more likely to get feedback.

If in fact you are running testing branch I suggest scrubbing and starting over rather than switching to stable which can lead to new problems. If you decide to start over and are unsure about removing the current installation start a new thread with a new title.

After looking over the posts above, I’m convinced I’m not knowledgable enough to help with AMD video drivers. Even if I tried I’d probably stear you wrong. There’s still a chance somebody with AMD GPU expertise will help out.

One thing I can suggest that won’t get you or me in trouble: When you boot live media try it more than once with both open soure and proprietary drivers to see how each works out. If the system doesn’t boot with proprietary drivers this usually means the kernel and/or Manjaro’s hardware detection has a problem with driver support (video in your case) and extra effort installing drivers will be necessary. On the other hand, if you do end up with a working Radeon driver in a live session your aim is to repeat that with a fresh installation.

Thanks for everything. I fill my profile and gonna try to start new topic.