Installed Realtek r8168 driver and can't connect to the network anymore

Hello. In Manjaro System Settings under Hardware Configuration I accidentally installed r8168 network controller (before that it was set to Open Source) after that I can’t connect anymore to the internet. I tried the removal through the right click, but I still can’t get a connection.
Any help would be gladly appriciated.

What’s the output of:

mhwd --listinstalled

Please see:

I recently switched to the opensource driver and also couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t connect to the internet, turns out the file called r8169_blacklist.conf found in /etc/modprobe.d/ was not removed when I uninstalled r8168.

So I made a backup and I edited that file. The file is now named r8168_blacklist.conf with the follow content: blacklist r8168. I probably could have deleted the file but I wasn’t sure I should do that.

Only video-linux and no installed USB configs

The folder /modprobe.d is empty.