Install Manjaro 20.01 on Workstation 16 PRO

Hello everyone,
can anyone help me with installing issue, I can´t install Manjaro 20.01 2nd day on my workstation 16 PRO.
the problem is with MHWD script. I cant found right solution on the web.


there are a few threads here with the same issue with a solution in one of them


The solution provided in the above linked topics did not fix it for me. Still can’t install any version of manjaro on a vmware workstation 16. Other distros install just fine though. Latest distro I installed today was kubuntu and that gave me no issues at all.

No idea what else to do.

Manjaro is not tested on vmware - only virtualbox.

If you can install Arch Linux on vmware - you should - at least in theory - be able to install Manjaro.

But such installation on vmware is unsupported - which is the nice way of telling - you are on your own.