Installation Issue > LiveMedia MHWD Script Hangs

Hi all. Helpful suggestions very welcome.

macOS VMware Fusion installation of Manjaro 21.0 fails to get further than “LiveMedia MHWD Script” partly due to unlimited timeout, but there must be an underlying issue not reported to the screen.

Doesn’t matter whether I try :

  • with or without Accelerated Graphics (Fusion config)
  • with open source or non-free graphics drivers (from boot screen)
  • with the iso for gnome, xfce or kde

I’ve had the previous versions of manjaro xfce, gnome and kde from 20.0 (actually going back to 18.0) running since their release date, without issue. Something’s changed in 21.0 installation, and why the heck ‘unlimited’ timeout for a script, that needs sorting for sure :wink:

New installations of other distro’s are working fine.
Current multiple installations of manjaro, arch, ubuntu, kali are all working fine.
Not going to attempt an install from Architect, until it gets a 21.0 version :wink:

If you’ve got something for me to try, shout out. Otherwise, I’m dropping the installations until 21.1


Because some systems are slower and others faster … Is safer to let that script run as much is needed for different systems. On my bare metal takes less than 5 seconds and my system is not that fast. On VirtualBox it takes less than that with VBoxSVGA.

Live media and installation works fine in the testing environment (bare metal and VirtualBox) the Manjaro team tested those ISOs on.

Try to collect more information, boot the live system verbose mode and by disabling TLP service …

This is also an issue with Vmware workstation. The script runs indefinitely and the installation can’t get past it.
While I get the point about slower and older systems. I would still think some finite end would be more appropriate rather than an endless loop.

I can confirm the same issue in vmware. Tried to boot the latest gnome testing iso in vmware and it just hangs indefinitely at the same place as you “livemedia mhwd script”

@Darqnes @sawdoctor I’ve found this info posted elsewhere, and in getting back to helpful responses, let’s see if this fixes it for you, like it did for me with both Xfce and GNOME installs (I didn’t bother with KDE).

At the boot splash screen, immediatel press “e” to edit the boot parameteres. Look for “driver=free”, then change to “driver=mesa”. Hit Ctrl+X (or F10) and it will start without a problem.

Also, after you’ve booted into your new system (post-installation), use the following to install the correct drivers for booting up with :

$ sudo mhwd -a pci free 0300

Good luck. Hope it’s successful for you.

Screenshots are in Dropbox :-
dropbox. c o m /sh/yeok5ws4dnkdehj/AACPIP18dSMKDjrL2aefWfFVa
…because I’m not allowed to insert them here!

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Thank you for this solution.
I confirm this works for me on my VMWare Fusion 12 with Majaro XFCE 12.0.4 ISO

The driver=mesa is a nice to know - that is for sure.

With vmware products another workaround is to edit the kernel command line and boot to console - adding the digit 3 and continue booting.

Then login using the default manjaro:manjaro combo and run startx.