Cannot start Manjaro on VMware workstation 16

vmware workstation 16.1.

“A start job is running for LiveMedia MHWD Script”

Not the most explanatory post.

Do you have an ethernet cable? Try disconnecting it during the boot of your VM.

thank you.
do have ethernet.
use “manjaro-kde-20.2.1-210103-linux59.iso” works ok!

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Thanks for the tip, had the same issue using manjaro-kde-21.0.1-210410-linux510.iso from download page, but older iso worked

Thank you. I bet going with a slightly older ISO would also work for some other Arch based distros I couldn’t get to work in VMware (like Garuda).

If you would care to use the search function there is a couple of topics on the matter - also stating possible solutions.

Edit the boot arguments by editing the grub command line. Possible workarounds are

  • replace drivers=free with drivers=mesa
  • boot to commandline (former runlevel 3) then run startx