Install LXQT with Different User

Well, I installed Manjaro KDE from scratch. and here
Fabby and megavolt gave me great help. :+1:

My KDE working much better than before, but still KDE is giving me some delays and response delays (little though)! But such delays … no… this is not Linux. Maybe my machine is too old.

So, I am thinking of installing LXQT on top with a different user as was mentioned in some links Fabby provided, it is not advisable to have same user in different DE.

The current user is “limo”, if I install LXQT I’ll create a new user and call it “tux”

I have syncthing installed on the KDE, syncing with an USB drive attached to another Windows 10 Laptop. Better not to sync allover again!

How can I make “tux” the owner of the home of “limo” and work with it normally?
Would I need to create new BackInTime and TimeShift tasks? Syncthing?

Thanks a lot!
EDIT: Would be OK after that to rename “/home/limo/” to “/home/tux/”?

KDE does not play well with other environments.

Just look in the /etc/xdg/autostart folder.

Many of these services will also run when starting the LXQt environment and will most likely create hard to troubleshoot issues for the user.

I am advising against making permission changes on a users home to enable access for another user on the same system.

It is much less trouble to set up a dedicated folder outside the home e.g. /data/share and give both users read write permissions on the share folder.

It is as easy as

sudo mkdir -p /data/share

Then set permissions

sudo chmod go+rws /data/share

Move the shared data to that folder. For convenience you could add a symlink in the user homes to the folder

ln -s /data/share ~

Thanks a lot linux-aarhus.

So, as far as I understand I create another folder under /home/ (e.g. /home/tux/)
then copy the files from /home/limo/ to /home/tux/
When I log in to LXQT I will have /home/tux/ as my home and wont see the other /home/limo/ ?
Am I getting it right?
EDIT: Do you mean create absolutely out of /home/ something like /tux/home/tux/ from root?
EDIT 2: I don’t mind having KDE services running as I’ll mostly be using same services and KDE apps (Dolphin, K3B… Baloo…)

I guess you missunderstood…

  1. Create folder outside the /home hierarchy.
sudo mkdir /data/share
  1. Give the folder the correct permissions:
sudo chmod go+rws /data/share
  1. Then, to share specific folders, you need to move it and symlink it:
mv /home/$USER/pictures /data/share/pictures
ln -s /data/share/pictures/ /home/$USER/pictures

Now the real data is on /data/share/ and have a symbolic link to the home folder.

Better don’t share dot folder like ~/.config or ~/.locale and so on…

You can also add user groups, for example add the group limo to the user tux:

sudo usermod -aG limo tux

This way tux can read and write files of the group limo, which are commonly created by limo.


No. You create a folder outside home - a new structure starting from the root - adjecent to /home - not inside the /home tree.


This way it is maintainable - and because the permissions I advised setting will make sure that any user can access the share - you don’t have to add groups to the users.

Plain and simple - which is by far the preferred way of doing things - do not complicate something which can be really simple - but alas - humans tend to overcomplicate things - and it took me some years to learn how to simplify my Linux.

But as I had to start somewhere - I started using Gnome and then simplified my way back - learning Linux in process - then ending up using Openbox window manager - which also is the window manager of LXQt - which is the reason why LXQt works so well.

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