I want to install the KDE 6 stable .iso when it comes

That will be June right? Anyway I want it all the same accept Mate being installed. I don’t need to unplug my Widows drive do I?

Just keep the system up-to-date - that’s all there is to it.



Sounds good, I would bet just copy & paste from the GUI would work too. I wish architect was easy. How could I take my setup now & turn it into a script?

It was my impression that you do not want to keep your current setup -
because you have Mate
but you want KDE/Plasma

that is what I gleaned from your recent posts

It wouldn’t make sense (to me) to want to keep your current setup
while also wanting a completely different desktop environment (Mate vs KDE) with completely different default apps …

I mean User, Time Zone, Location, Keyboard, storage.

the first four (4) are no problem at all
What do you see as a problem with those?

what do you mean with “storage”?

To me
you are always coming across as very “tight lipped”

use a few more words to describe your intentions.

You have not searched the forum - there is several topics explaining possible venues

It’s impossible to be prepared for every eventuality. Especially if you’ve not done it before. My suggestion:

If this is true:

I want to install the KDE 6 stable .iso when it comes

I suggest you make sure your $HOME, as well as any otther edited files are backed up, ensure that your package list is backed. (Both AUR packages as weell as repository packages) and then just do it.

At some stage you’ll have to do it, nobody is going to do it for you, nobody is going to spoonfeed you instructions. So put on some Nikes, albeit mental ones, stop stalling, and just do it. There’s more than enough advice in this thread.

If you are currently using Manjaro KDE, your question has already been answered; this is the solution:

If you are using a different Manjaro distribution (I saw Mate mentioned), and you have your /home on a separate partition, then reinstalling with the Plasma6-updated-Manjaro-KDE ISO (when it’s available) is also viable. Simply install using the manual partitioning method making sure / (root) is re-formatted during install, and your /home partition is not.

Using this procedure, you would setup your keyboard and locale details again during install (this is hardly a huge issue), and you would need to reinstall all applications that you typically use (a little time consuming).

However, because your /home is untouched (on a separate partition), then all of your User data still remains, along with configurations for most applications, still in tact.

Naturally, if /home isn’t already on a separate partition, this becomes more complicated.

I hope this is helpful in some way. Cheers.

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I am just doing a timeshift, it is doing /usr also I just wanted /home, but if that wom’t mess up my KDE sys it is fine. Hmmm, seems much more than /home is in the backup. Will there be any issues with this?



I think I’m starting to see a, if not the problem here.

I think you’re trying too hard to be prepared. (I didn’t even know it could be done, but anything’s possible.)

You ask, and then get advice on the here, on the forum. And from what I’ve seen it’s all very good advice.

Then you go and watch a (usually outdated) video and the info differs. Then you get confused.

Or it happens the other way 'round. Doesn’t really matter, because you start doubting yourself and/or us here that’s trying to help. Never mind the amount of Solutions the user has attributed to him.


This is a prime example why it is highly discouraged to listen to, never mind take serious anything on a video.


And on that bombshell, I’ll :leaves:

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Oh sorry, I will shutup now.

Nobody told you to shutup, or go away, or something in that line, so don’t try twisting my advice.

I simply gave you excellent (at least in my opinion) advice for Linux. Actually life in general. Stop listening to attention-hoggers always looking for a “like” or a “subscribe.”

While I’m sure there’s some good advise in there, I highly doubt it helps you in any way. In fact, I’ve seen the exact opposite.


Manjaro doesn’t do deadlines
But Testing branch updated manjaro-release 23.1.4-1 last week
So it May not be much longer to wait for Stable branch update

:notes: it’ll shine when it shines


Like a leaf on the wind…

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Just want to say, I am sorry for being a P.I.T.A in this thread. The high contrast theme in Mate seems to be the best for my vission, no more KDE talk.