I want to choose an alternative for grub, any suggestion?

Hi, I got recently a problem with grub not seeing Windows 10 and couldn’t fix it. I’d like to replace grub to another bootloader. Any thoughts?

IMO, the easiest way to install rEFInd on a preinstalled system is to use Manjaro Architect LiveISO. Though you can use any LiveISO and launch Manjaro Architect within it.

NOTE: These are older images, but the layout is the same.

Once you get into Manjaro Architect:

  1. Go to Prepare Installation

  1. Go to Mount Partitions
    2a. It should ask you to mount / and also /boot/efi at the end

  1. From the same image above, go to Back

  2. You’ll be back at this screen, and go to System Rescue

  1. Go to Install Bootloader

  2. Install refind

And you should be done.

I don’t know the correct way to remove grub though. I just install my whole system with Architect typically, and select refind as my bootloader to install. Just make refind your top priority for boot in your BIOS, though it should automatically do it from this installation in my experience.

Self plug of my refind theme if you’re interested. Don’t use the theme until you know refind is working.


You can change grub but you could read this

They are already aware of this. In their opening post, they have a link to the whole thread about it. They’ve been working to try to fix it, but it still does not work.

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I even reinstalled both OS, nothing works. I’ll try i different bootloader.

thanks for share.

Ah, if you’re still in a fresh Manjaro installation, it would be best to just reinstall Manjaro via Architect and select refind as your bootloader. So that you don’t have grub installed at all.

Else, you’ll have to find out how to remove grub correctly.

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I never installed manjaro via Architect :sweat_smile:


Else, just do the stuff typed up earlier :slight_smile:

I actually did it and it works, thanks :wink:


rEFIng works perfect, and it’s faster even that grub. Also, I installed your theme. Thank you didn’t save me but made my life better.

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