Linking external images uploads to forum?

I just noticed that on this new forum, whenever I do something like:


as you can see here, it uploads the image file to the Manjaro forum instead of linking the image from the source. This causes the image to take up storage space on the Manjaro forums.

It shows up as ![](upload://w0FdlG8glvzll1qxskIiz75Y0ib.jpeg)

If you look this archived forum post, it actually links to the actual image source.

Is this supposed to happen?

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This is not a issue exclusive to us. It may be a bug or feature in the Discourse software. Ask on

  • That’s a course of action taken by to ensure external links don’t get broken: even when the original image gets removed, Manjaro ¹ will still show it.
  • One of the reasons I don’t use imgur is that they’re there to sell advertisement space, so once enough people start using direct links, they’ll turn that into advertisement space too.


Note 1: The Manjaro forums, hosted by Discourse…

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