I need help to install a Brother MFC-L3745CDW printer

I have tried all the Wiki’s and Blogs and etc. etc. and did all that they said to do in the Terminal, but to no avail, still can’t use my Brother printer. I had Linux Mint on the system before, but fell in love with Manjaro XFCE and use my printer quite a lot so I"m missing it’s use.

When I load up the Terminal it comes up with the normal, but noticed my ending after the …@… is Jo not the ending in what I see others in the Terminal. What does this Jo mean and is it correct for my system?

I dearly want to use my Brother printer/scanner but all the information I use to do so ends with no success. PLEASE - help me. I’m technically savvy but the terminal use went astray when Windows 3 came onto the scene - oh how I hate Windows.

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What wiki’s? What blogs? What did you try? Help us help you.

Please see:

Please also see:

Not sure what you mean, but that’s a subject for another #support topic. Let’s keep this one on topic about your printer.

For Brother multifunction printers, there are separate drivers for print and scan functions.

Print function: Terminal commands should not be necessary. Open the Print Settings GUI which should be found on your Manjaro XFCE installation. Either your printer is autodetected, in which case it should hopefully work out of the box, or try “add a new printer” using the GUI. Look through the list of Brother drivers provided during the set up process. If the driver for your exact model is found, select it.

If you can’t find it, look for the driver of your exact model in the AUR. If found, install it. Then open Print Settings GUI again and your printer should be seen as “added”.

Scanner function:
Install the brscan4 driver from AUR and then configure it (you need to set the IP/URI location of the Brother device) via terminal commands:


Then you had the chance to know what driver was used there.
This would help finding it for Manjaro/Arch.

Just like I copy/pasted what you wrote, to quote you
you can simply show us what it is that bothers you and what you think it should look like.

[smoky@Stu-Jo ~]$

… and?
What’s wrong with it?
You need to better describe the issue you feel you have.
Use words. More words. :wink:

Maybe because the terminal is using the Zsh shell. Type bash in the terminal and hit enter to see if it will make it look more familiar to you.

bash sent it straight back to what it was in the first place, but thanks anyway, appreciate your time and effort.

  1. Install brother-mfc-l3750cdw and brscan4 from AUR. “Brother L3745” and “L3750” are not big different, I think.
  2. Install the scanner GUI: simple-scan
  3. Make sure your printer is connected to your computer via your same router.
  4. Open the printer-setting which will detect your printer.

For the scanner config:

It is called the Terminal Prompt, it is your username & your computer name. Mine says rico@Sulaco everyone’s will be different.
You can set the computer name in your system settings; generally in sharing or network, I’m not sure for xfce.
This does not affect your printer question.

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You somehow use (in Xfce) another shell - called “zsh”
Thus, the prompt is different from that what is shown when you use a terminal which runs bash.
As far as I know - zsh is not a default for anything in xfce - but it is for the Konsole app (the terminal emulator) KDE.

It’s just two different prompts, because of different shells.
For almost all things - which one you use makes no difference.
Not to you anyway …

If you type
echo $SHELL
it will tell you which one is currently used

if you type
then you’ll see the other prompt …