I can't connect to my wifi network and it keeps asking me to put in the password

Hi, I am a new user to Manjaro XFCE and Linux in general. I just moved from popos and have not been able to connect to my wifi network because it keeps asking me to put in the password, which I put in correctly every single time. I’m still very new, but the past 20 threads I have looked at did not help me. I use a USB adapter to connect to my wifi but had to use ethernet this time. I am comfortable putting commands into the terminal.

“lsusb” says that my USB adapter is a Realtek Semiconductor Corp. 802.11ac NIC. I had to follow this tutorial at the second link on google if you search “Realtek 802.11ac nic Linux” with the title “Installing WiFi Driver For Realtek 802.11ac on Linux (0bda:c811)” for any networks to show up, but I cannot connect to any of them. This is a fresh install of Manjaro but I have downgraded from kernel 5.15 to 5.10 because that is apparently the supported version.

Here is what pops up when I type in “inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width” into the terminal:
(I kept getting warnings about not putting in links when I pasted it, so I tried uploading images, but I can’t do that)

imgur . com / XXXXXX.png





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