How to change NVIDIA drivers?

Hello, new Manjaro user here. I’m interested on rolling back from the latest NVIDIA drivers in my gaming laptop, as I’ve noticed some serious graphical glitches that seem to be related to the adoption of the 525 version of the proprietary NVIDIA driver. How can I roll back to 515 or 520? Would I need to do additional steps like using an older kernel or something of the like?

Well, I should have been less scared to use Manjaro’s features, as while browsing the default apps installed, I stumbled upon Manjaro Settings Manager, and checked that installing a new kernel also install a previous version of the NVIDIA driver with it! (I believe, maybe I’m on my way to break something but it’s a start)

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You don’t. Rolling release distros roll forward, not back. The 515 and 510 series are no longer in the repos.

The following proprietary NVIDIA drivers are supported:

  • 525 series (current Production branch)
  • 470 series (legacy for GKxxx “Kepler” GPUs)
  • 390 series (legacy for GF1xx “Fermi” GPUs).

Does not compute.

Please post your system info as outlined here: