How long until we can have inkscape 1.2?

Just wandering how long it takes before we can have the newest software version? thank you :slight_smile: (i’m new in linux and manjaro)

It’s currently only available in the Arch Testing repo.



Oh ok…so, if i want to use flatpak, it’s supposed to be as part of Gnome add/remove software, but in my case, there’s no such option :confused: i’ve followed this steps from the oficial site (Flatpak—the future of application distribution)

So, i’ve installed the gnome software as a flatpak manager, but in there, it’s also 1.1.2 and not 1.2 version of inkscape…and was wondering, gnome software is the same as add/remove software from manjaro? i’m pretty much confused :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks for the help.

You can download AppImage from official web page Download Inkscape 1.2 | Inkscape

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That was going to be my next question, what’s that, how do i eat it (install it) and what pros/cons does it have? will it be updateble via pamac, add/remove software or gnome software apps? sorry, i’m learning little by little :slight_smile:

Only if you install the plugin: libpamac-flatpak-plugin

No need for that. gnome-software is in the extra repo; however it is not recommended.

Sounds like you need to do some research. Please don’t ask to be spoon fed when you can easily search the internet. If you have questions after you do, that’s fine. :wink:

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Ok…thanks for all the answers and your time.

I was thinking, what’s the best practice to do? pamac? flatpak? appimage? cause in flatpak didn’t find the inkscape update either, so i have to wait too, and i’m investigating about appimage for now.

In the other hand, OBS for example has a LOT of problems in Manjaro so i had to use the obs-studio-tytan652 to have the complete version…and that i’ve found out cause i had to write here, in arch forum and then on discord OBS to contact the creator Tytan and he explained that it’s because of some advanced stuff that i didn’t understand that OBS for some reason won’t work on Manjaro…but don’t know if it work with flatpak or appimage…anyway…so many doubts.

The problem is that I still don’t know when something is going to be easy or not, as i’ve been saying, i’m a beginer, not a programmer but Linux FOSS enthusiast…and also have the idea that it’s always better to ask…and this is a community forum for that, am I right?

And honestly, even that i’ve looked on the internet, Manjaro (and Arch) in general has been a very difficult experience cause mostly linux installers and tutos are always debian / ubuntu focused, but the person that guided me at the beginning told me marvelous things about manjaro, that’s why i’m here even if i’m struggling with several things with apps and updates that won’t run or crashes and have to look for that…and videogames…oh my god!

So please, if you know the answer or at least a link/video where i can find it as you did at the beginning, you could save hours of frustration…and i’m really grateful for that :slight_smile: cause if i also want more people to come to this FOSS side of things…would be great to make the transition easier.

Anyway…sorry for the inconvenience, thank you and will keep looking for answers.

Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh. It is indeed a community forum with lots of helpful folks. However, people are more apt to answer questions if one has shown they’ve done their homework.

Why ask someone a question and wait around for a response when one can search the internet and find the answer in seconds? You’ll learn more that way as well :wink:

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No problem, and maybe a discord would help to strengthen the community? and separate the official doubts and bugs from the existencial ones no? :stuck_out_tongue: (just an idea)

Yes, i’ve always been the kind of self learning, but sometimes it’s been frustrating, for example, right now i didn’t know that there were appimages…or flatpaks…now i’ve found that pamac add/remove software shows that option, and in order to install it, has to delete the oficial repository of inkscape…so, i think that will work, but up to know, i’m not sure…so i’ll just do it :stuck_out_tongue:

And eureka! it worked! but now, i’m not sure how good was that or if it will work fine…that’s the kind of things that would like that the community shared their experiences and opinions, cause sometimes i feel alone trying to find a way to solve all the problems with Manjaro…fiuuu…anyway…all that was to get out a little bit of all that frustration…

And it seems to be working just fine! :slight_smile: but still what i read was that the recommended way is to wait until manjaro updates the official repositories, right? (don’t understand yet why couldn’t this option be the only option…still a lot to learn from linux and manjaro :cold_sweat: )

The team uses Telegram, so we created an official channel:

However, we do have an unofficial Discord channel:

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