Does Manjaro have a Discord channel?

Does Manjaro have a Discord channel ?

The Manjaro Lounge Discord is not working

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Thank u very much

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When I went to the discord link, I was asked to create an account. Is this resource used to discuss Manjaro, Discord usage, or other?

I’m set on the usage of Discord. I asked some questions here and the answers were very helpful. I also went through the two “interactive” tutorials with the archived forum. I don’t know where those are now. I think they might have been part of the Welcome Message.

I’m a little overwhelmed by all the Manjaro resources: this forum, email lists (I use RSS Feed via QuiteRSS. It helps with not missing an annoucement and all the feedback.), twitter, reddit, Manjaro gitlab, Manjaro IRC. I’m sure I’ve missed some :slight_smile: I’m just trying to get into the rhythm of soaking in important information and participating. I’m not a social media user, so I’m hoping what is on twitter and other, is also repeated here.

Reddit is unofficial. It says it in the about page.


Any word on the Discord channel/forum?

Considering the admin there is some unknown ‘hm7’ … I am going to guess not official.

(oh … also considering their pinned messages)


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