How is Deepin Now?

I am new to Manjaro… I want to install Deepin but I don’t want to break my system.
But one of the reasons I came to manjaro was to get Deepin.

How is it running… It seems like the group said some things were breaking.?
I have kde manjaro iso… just installed whatever version today.

The absolute (as for stability) place to use Deepin Desktop is on the Deepin distro…but you probably know that.


Will it crash the main manjaro kde or will I be fine?

You really don’t want to be mixing desktops as you will more than likely have issues. The manjaro deepin edition I ran for a while, its stable but has a few things that don’t work properly. Try it in a vm or live usb


There was a time (about a year ago) when Deepin had so many bugs that a daily use was no longer possible. At that time I tested different other Desktops but both Gnome as well as KDE had lot’s of problems together with Deepin. (Actually, the other way around: Deepin had lot’s of problems with all the stuff KDE and Gnome installs.)
So I cleaned my installation and put Deepin and XFCE side by seide. This combination works ever since so I suggest this combo.
I’m using Deepin as a daily driver. It works but it has minor issues which can be annoying. As it’s the most beautiful DE on Linux, I live with those issues and I’m still quite happy.
The following thread gives you answers when you hit problems after regular Deepin updates:
Solutions if a Deepin upgrade goes wrong


So, I have KDE Manjaro distro. If I simply did the basic install of Deepin without the login stuff and the apps, would it be okay? I just want the basic DE. Or does one need to do the full thing? I’ve got Rounded Global KDE theme which is near to Deepin but… it is not the same.

Don’t get yourself in trouble - make a VM in VirtualBox, give it some CPU and RAM, and test there :slight_smile: Free of trouble is something goes wrong. And if you don’t like it, uninstalling is a simple as deleting VM.


Don’t combine Plasma and DDE. I believe the problem is that they both use kwin. The proper settings/config for each of the 2 desktop environments are different and will cause conflicts.

DDE on a rolling base will be inconsistent - you’ll have moments of it running nicely and the rest of the time there will be issues with compositing (most common recurring issue) after the latest updates.

DDE co-exists with xfce pretty well - thinman is correct.

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vm is just for playing around. But i understand. Don’t do it on a daily driver.
Will Deepin / Manjaro ever be good? or will you always need the original?

Short answer - never.

Long answer - At others have replied, you should never mix significant desktop environments in one machine, especially if they are related to each other (as @wongs have mentioned, they share kwin and probably many other components.
Just use VM.

okay… nice to know but sad.

You need the original Deepin Linux to get the fullest out of it (in my experience). Deepin comes with kernel 5.8 and can be upgraded to 5.10 with synaptic/apt and with latest Debian 10 repo. Else there’s flatpak which works great on Deepin.
There are also cons like every other distro, but Deepin is really nice DE to work in if you’re to point’click.

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Well, I did a build of it just yesterday …


Specifically, what are the things that don’t work properly?

Just ran that up in a vm - damn that looks great and works great. Going to have to make a full switch to it eventually - but will enjoy playing with it in the meantime - thanks :slight_smile:

It seems to me there are two options. You have Manjaro KDE, that’s good. Fire up Timeshift and make sure you have one ‘On Demand’ full snapshot.

Then you can create a new user and install Deepin for a trial - but it isn’t a clean system because the other KDE applications are still installed - you could also just bang in a USB, boot up and install Manjaro with Deepin - then do another good snapshot of that (clean) system.

Then there’s the luxury option - have a spare SSD and do quick swap. Unplug the KDE, put in another SSD and install to that.

I have a separate partition for testing out distros, gonna give this one a whirl.

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There are still a few bugs/rough edges - e.g. CPU visual in System Monitor never moves from 0% - but this is definitely the best Deepin update yet. Both the power and wallpaper selection bugs have now been fixed. Thanks!

That is nice to hear… I recently left manjaro and I’m running the original “deepin” distro now. manjaro was great to finally try live on a system but the updates were killing me. In order to install gparted, i needed 4gb of updates to do so. Can’t do that on a mobile connection. But it is a good system. Deepin is really the best looking distro out there. They deserve more credit than given.

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Hello everyone, I have the following doubt:

I have Manjaro 20.2.1 installed with the deepin desktop, it works perfectly and smoothly but it has some small bugs that have been fixed with a new deepin update (2021.01.21)

Deepin SO users have already received it… How can I get this latest update on Manjaro? when I try to update (sudo pacman -Syu) the terminal tells me that there are no updates… Is there a way to get this update in another way? I need to fix those bugs that this new update solves …

Thank you very much and excuse my newbies and little knowledge!