How do i get my gpu fans spinning?

Hey guys,

my fans are not spinning!
lm-Sensors is ready but cant detect any sensors (sudo sensors-detect)
Also pwmconfig doesnt work

i have a nvidia rtx 3070

What details do you need to help me?

thanks guys =)

not sure if this answers your question,but usually GPUs fans spin when being heavily used.
try launching a game or a benchmark and check them (visually)

Welcome to the forum @Ente1up

Before we go down the troubleshooting path for a problem that may not actually exist (as per @linub’s reply), I would recommend that you install a GPU monitoring program such as nvtop either via the Pamac GUI or by running in a terminal the command (as a normal user, not sudo): pamac install nvtop

Then run nvtop in a terminal and hopefully it should display the details of your GPU (if your system is set up correctly), including its fan speed.

If nvtop doesn’t see your GPU, or it does see the GPU but shows the fan not running even under a high workload/temperature, then please submit the output of inxi -Fazy as per the instructions in the following posts:

I’m no expert in GPUs, so this is probably where my assistance ends, but there are plenty of knowledgeable members on this forum who will be able to help you troubleshoot any GPU issues.

Edit: naughty me - forgot to put the dash in inxi -Fazy

Which exact 3070 model are you using? Because there are alot GPU’s with Zero Fan Modus… and your active cooling will only spin after a certain degree celsius.

Nvidia X-Server Settings gives also the option for fanspeed, but there is no air curve… only static options, in the GUI.