How can i install my two vga drivers in laptop?

hi, I have an Asus laptop x540up, which has two VGA, first is intel 620hd and second is AMD R5 m420(8500m), and I think I have a problem with my graphics card, I’m not sure about it, but I think, and I’ve asked of some expert engineers what is my laptop problem and they said to me: the problem is of graphics,
and I have gnome latest version with manjaro. also when I had arch this problem was there, but not in ubuntu 20, just arch and manjaro 20
ah and problem: when I’d reboot my laptop, the fan extremely working hard, and it going to hot.
can anyone help me?
if you are agreeing with engineers, then how can I install my VGA driver and rid of this mocking problem?

Both those devices have open drivers … so you probably dont have to do anything.

But start here:

EDIT. oops. looks like its a Sea Islands card. Might need some extra steps then to enable ‘experimental support’ for that card to use AMDGPU then. (its most likely currently defaulting to legacy Radeon)

thanks for your response, it means I have to install some package? if yes please tell me what package|s I have to install ? or I have to change some settings? if yes please tell me what setting|s I have to change? please explain to me more, I don’t have advance knowledge about Linux

Please provide inxi -Fazy