How can I get rid of Bauh and replace it with octopi? (KDE)

I don't like Bauh , it's not working well at all. I never had unmanageable problems with octopi on previous installs. I want octopi pack. What's the best way to go about it?

Never heard of Bauh. Is this something you installed?
You should be able to go into Pamac and uninstall the program.

bauh is a kind of software manager ... but not the same as octopi.
And shouldnt be any kind of default manager in place of others on any edition.
So you dont replace one with the other.
(Bauh is just for appimage, snap, flatpak, and the AUR I think too?)
(Octopi is for the repos, and also has the ability to handle AUR by using a backend like yay)

So the best way to have octopi .. is to install and use octopi.
Though you might prefer pamac as a slightly better supported graphical package manager.
(the GTK version is pretty stable .. the QT one is still in beta)
Correspondingly to remove bauh .. uninstall it.
Though since you dont seem to know the difference here .. you might want to double check what packages you have been installing from where .. maybe you unknowingly built most of your system from flatpaks or appimages.

Okay forget about bauh. I used to use octopi to update/install all software.(I'm not that good with the terminal.) It is not there anymore with the latest Manjaro KDE edition I installed. I tried to install it with bauh (wich seems to have replaced octopi for doing such things) but that didn't work. How do I get octopi installed?

Use "Add/Remove Software" or type sudo pacman -Syu octopi in the terminal.

Thank you.

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