Discord is out of date again.. when will we be able to update?

Discord is out of date on manjaro … any eta on when this will be updated by Manjaro?

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So it’s 6PM on the West Coast (Discord HQ) and they just pushed an update before heading out of the office. Meanwhile Europe (Manjaro HQ) is sleeping.

So a few hours at most.

Install it locally in your Home so you can do the automatic update.
Use the AUR.
Use Flatpak.
Use Snap.
Use the workaround to change the version in the config file.
Use your web browser.
Use Discord Canary (I guess).
Use unofficial clients.

Plenty of solution for your “emergency”.

You can’t blame Manjaro for not updating Discord as soon as Discord release an update and block users from using outdated/previous client. You can however blame Discord for locking users out of Discord when they push an update and forbid users to continue using their services if they do not download latest patch.