Webpage link that describes Manjaro's repos is now a 404

For example, this post contains a link that was often used to explain how Manjaro was different than Arch. It was like an — “About Manjaro”.

The broken URL in the post: https://manjaro.org/features/fresh-and-stable/

However, now serves a 404.

Where is this content now? What should be used as a replacement for this page?

Wayback image - May 15, 2022

I thought it might help a user in this topic.

Just clicked the link you provided, it works.

This link https://manjaro.org/features/fresh-and-stable/?

I get 404 (firefox & chrome) and a orange box, “This page does not exist, you have been redirected to the home page.”

Okay — it’s “Learn More” from the Manjaro home page.

I did a search in the forum and that particular webpage was supplied as a response:

50+ results for manjaro.org/features/fresh-and-stable/


well, the homepage got reworked …

I’ve been following the Manjaro blog :slight_smile: The positive is enhancing the Manjaro website. The negative is any reference to these urls in the forum are 404’s.

It is unfortunate that the links in the Manjaro forum, like the example above, are broken, and new-comers will miss out on useful information provided by a simple click of a link in a Topic. HHHmmm, does Discourse have a feature or plugin to redirect url’s… just a thought…

Not that I know of. That would be up to @codesardine to setup the the old URLs to redirect to the new page.

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